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Kyrie Stadlefled
Just a Serious drawing made by me.

Designing characters are tough, But since I am motivated to create serious artwork, here it is.
Alice might be recreated the same artwork as this one, but I'll just need time to create a male character.

The story:
Kyrie Stadlefled is a creation of mine during the 2012 anime, K project(Neko) and then the 2013 or I don'y know, Coppelion(the clumsy girl). this 2 sung the opening of this animes by angela(my favorite japanese singer). Different colors is my basically the favorite one. and then this 2016, I got introduced to Blazeblue Chronophantasma(Celica A. Mercury). So all 3 Origins are created into one single character which is her and she became my official main character last 2014. Kyrie is an experimental life form until she was discovered sleeping in the hibernation pod by Hiro Natsune and Mark Wahl, after the discovery. she is happily together with her new group of friends, Hiro and the rest of the bandits which called themselves as GUNS. however she was experimented due to her ability to regenerate other life forms and to resurrect the dead back to life. she is also known the only person to have natural magic. she also has the ability to nullify other magics.

the artwork:
Mentor taught me how to do this artwork, in fact this is his signature style artwork. :)

hope you like this one and this will be the best artwork I created, This artwork Became my personal favorite.

thank you and have a good day!


after months of analyzing, I edited some "errors".


Well I came here to say to apologize on the last journal I made. well because I expect too much that is why.

mentor told me that there is nothing wrong with my work, in fact he told me we are now equal on making this kind of artwork except that I must improve on background of course. sometimes he told me the best artwork sometimes have no recognition after all and here I am, complaining that no one visited my work. well from the youtuber artist, jennamarbles says, "why low expectations are good", I think I should never expect too much that I even blame God for this kind of a disappointments (I even have struggle with life now.) so forget what I said on the last journal and I'm trying to move on. also, I think I'll stick to  fanart because it's the most visited artwork, I even got featured thanks to fanart. kinda sad though that it keeps on falling and falling of views and upvotes because of something that we complain and I expect too much. :(. truth is, I no longer have fun here in deviantart, I've also heard that a 10 year old kid here got received some  death threats by a bunch of nerds because he traced on one of his idol's artwork here in DA. and it's an unacceptable act. maybe this is the period of my The fall period where previous year I was called it the Golden Period I think I got bad lucked this year. I sometimes remember I bought a $60++ wacom tablet because of deviantart. well I think it's better I should take a break a month on DA while I improve something. I'll be back on May for the 5th year celebration in DA. see you later and have a good day.

P.S I have a grudge on undertale and My little pony. fandom is so cancerous.
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